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Nipcalc Plus 1.0

Nipcalc Plus 1.0

Nipcalc Plus Publisher's Description

NipCalc Plus is a more comprehensive calculator, 5 in1 version of the earlier product NipCalc brought out by Nipsys Technologies. It has a simple interface shown by different set of operations in different methods. Features: NipCalcPlus is a combo pack containing 5 modules, namely Standard Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Fractional Calculator, Unit Converter and City Time Converter, in one application. --- Standard Calculator is a normal calculator, which performs simple single arithmetic operations at a time. --- Scientific Calculator performs expression oriented arithmetic operations [helps in calculating trigonometric values sin, cos, tan and other values like log, sq.rts etc.]. --- Fractional Calculator performs fractional calculations. The user can convert the fractions into proper and improper fractions, can change the fractional value into decimal values and also perform decimal arithmetic operations. --- City Time Converter enables the user to find the time [in hours and minutes] in one city corresponding to that in another city, for 169 popular cities of various countries in the world. ---Unit Converter is ideal for standard conversions like Distance, Temperature, Speed, Volume, Weight, Area and Power. Trial Version: The user can download the free trial version from our site and use it only for a maximum number of 10 times. © copyright 2003 Nipsys Technologies Private Limited.

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